Welcome miRcore is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research organization with a vision of global, multilateral collaboration toward treating individuals based on their unique genetic profiles and environmental circumstances. We are certain that getting beyond the single-gene approach is critical to replacing current trial and error processes with systematic, personalized medicine. While systems biologists are now undertaking sophisticated mapping of genetic networks while taking into account environmental effects such as infection, exercise, sleep, and stress, there remains the challenge of increasing the signal-to-noise ratio when dealing with massive amounts of biological data.

miRcore has unique technologies which determine microRNA targets using RNA expression data in such a way as to winnow thousands of genes down to a handful of genes relevant to a specific condition, whether a disease, drug effect, or experiment. Its aim is to continuously generate biomarkers for development by collaborators into the diagnostic and therapeutic tools necessary to realize personalized medicine.

We also provide bioinformatic consulting services.
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